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How to choose a stylish and practical bag?

How to choose a stylish and practical bag?

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  • Time of issue:2020-03-13
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(Summary description)The girl's wardrobe is a magical existence. After opening it, I always feel that I have no clothes to wear, and when I see the clothes, I feel that there is no suitable bag to match ...

How to choose a stylish and practical bag?

(Summary description)The girl's wardrobe is a magical existence. After opening it, I always feel that I have no clothes to wear, and when I see the clothes, I feel that there is no suitable bag to match ...

  • Categories:Industry News
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  • Time of issue:2020-03-13
  • Views:10
The girl's wardrobe is a magical existence. After opening it, I always feel that I have no clothes to wear, and when I see the clothes, I feel that there is no suitable bag to match ...
Of course, goose ... picking a sophisticated and stylish bag will not only highlight your unique taste, but also make your outfit more attractive! Today, Xiaobian recommends a special topic on bag selection. I hope that for female friends who do not know how to choose a bag that suits them, there is a good reference!
By fabric material
No matter what you choose, you must first have a certain level of understanding to make it easier to pick what is really suitable. When choosing a bag, we must first pay attention to the fabric material. The characteristics of the fabric material and its quality determine to a large extent the value of this bag.
1.1 Leather material
Leather bags should be a very common one. Not only is the texture very good, but the touch is also very delicate. The breathability is very good, the surface also has a natural texture and is full of gloss. Even if it has been used for a long time, it still can highlight the advanced flavor.
Selection suggestions: Leather materials are generally: pigskin, sheepskin, cowhide, cowhide is better in terms of quality. Because the leather material is very abrasion-resistant, it is recommended that everyone choose this material when buying, with a longer service life.
1.2 polyester staple fiber canvas
Canvas is a relatively thick cotton and linen fabric. Divided into coarse canvas and fine canvas. Fine fabrics are usually used for making bags. Canvas fabric is more environmentally friendly, more fashionable and beautiful than Oxford nylon fabric.
Selection suggestions: Canvas bags are very suitable for girls who love to travel and mountaineering, but this material is not easy to clean, so choose a color that is resistant to dirt.
1.3 Velvet material
The velvet bag gives a luxurious temperament, feels very delicate and soft, and the fluffs are parallel and neat. With a little retro charm, and without lack of feminine charm. Bags made of this material are very suitable for girls who do n’t know how to improve their taste, and instantly increase the aura.
Selection suggestions: However, the velvet bag is not wear-resistant and requires regular care to not look stale. It is more suitable for girls who love cleanliness. If it is the kind of sister paper, it is better to choose other materials.
By color
The color of the bag needs to be adjusted in different seasons, so if you want to buy a bag full of fashion, then it is best to choose a color that can highlight the texture.
2.1 Cool color
Fair-skinned girls are more suitable for cold colors. Green, purple, and blue can set off a sense of high-level. In winter, choosing cold colors can also show femininity, and it is more dazzling. It also belongs to the classic color system, fashionable and versatile.
Selection suggestions: The cold color system is also the best color for dressing. This color is more suitable for matching with light-colored clothes. Paired with lavender is a successful combination, or light pink can give a gentle and elegant feeling.
2.2 warm colors
Warm colors are generally yellow, red, yellow orange, etc., giving people a soft sunshine-like feeling, instantly energizing you. Generally, the skin tone is more rosy, and it is more suitable to choose a warm color bag. It is not only rich in color, but also very lively and eye-catching.
Picking suggestions: The warm colors are not as good as the cold ones, and do n’t be too complicated when matching clothes. This will cause the whole day to look very messy. You can choose simple clothes to match, so that the bag can occupy the overall sight.
By style
The style of the bag almost determines the size, load bearing and use scene of the bag. The same bag, as long as its style can change the overall look and feel of it. It can be seen that the choice of bag style is also very important.
3.1 double shoulder
Whether in magazines or on the street, many girls are carrying backpacks. Maybe they haven't been students for a long time, but they can still give people a sense of youthful vitality after carrying backpacks. It is more suitable for girls who like to travel. They are not only fashionable and beautiful, but also can hold more items.
Picking suggestions: In order to make your stuff more secure, we recommend that you buy a backpack with a zipper. Although the button-style bag looks very delicate, if it is loaded, it is easy to open automatically and not particularly safe.
3.2 Handbag
Simple and tall handbags can also be carried on one shoulder or dual-use. A solid or khaki handbag is simply not a gospel for the party. These bags are usually the best partners for women in OL to commute and shop.
Picking suggestions: There is another thing to pay attention to. It is best not to make the bag's lifting ring too thin, because it will be prone to scratches after holding it for a long time. And the handbag style is relatively mature, more suitable for light mature women to control.
3.3 Crossbody Bag
The messenger bag is actually a very common style in the bag. The particularly obvious advantage is that the messenger bag can give a lot of points to the overall shape regardless of the clothes. Many big names have also released a lot of good-looking messenger bags, making fashion lovers love it! It is also more suitable for girls who need to go out often.
Picking suggestions: Girls who like to wear casual sports styles usually choose crossbody bags. In addition to the unique individuality, it can also meet different needs and provide a variety of shapes.

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