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Fashion trends in 2020

Fashion trends in 2020

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  • Time of issue:2020-03-13
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(Summary description)Fashion Week 2019 has ended, bringing the 2020 fashion trends to everyone, whether it is from patterns, colors or styles will be the main line of fashion next year. Today I will give you a look at the

Fashion trends in 2020

(Summary description)Fashion Week 2019 has ended, bringing the 2020 fashion trends to everyone, whether it is from patterns, colors or styles will be the main line of fashion next year. Today I will give you a look at the

  • Categories:Industry News
  • Author:
  • Origin:
  • Time of issue:2020-03-13
  • Views:8
Fashion Week 2019 has ended, bringing the 2020 fashion trends to everyone, whether it is from patterns, colors or styles will be the main line of fashion next year. Today I will give you a look at the trend of next year.
The pattern style must be consistent with the style of clothing. It can be expressed in a variety of styles by matching colors, materials and processes. The application of clothing patterns on clothing can also simplify the shape and structural factors of clothing.
Technology sense line flower
Tech-style two-dimensional line flower pattern, coupled with Gothic letter slogans, personalized streets, creating sports and leisure style fashion items
Embroidery flower
The floral pattern using embroidery technology adds a three-dimensional visual effect and brings exquisite and retro clothing items. Different flowers can also represent different national feelings.
Fruit & Vegetable Flower & Letter Slogan
Fruit and vegetable flower patterns and letter slogans collide with a fabric print full of fashion and charm, which is young and fun, and at the same time has a fresh and natural atmosphere, making the clothing style sweet and no shortage of personality.
Xiangyang Yaju
The orderly arrangement of chrysanthemums is noble and charming, bringing generous, textured clothing items, creating a graceful and elegant woman style.
Hand drawn flowers
The hand-painted flowers with graffiti style and free and casual artistic sense are applied to the oversized clothing styles in a full version, which is simple and generous, and full of street feeling.
GG logo
The GG logo, as Gucci's most representative traditional essence, has always been inseparable from the series. It is innovated in a modern way with new ideas, showing extraordinary levels, styles and designs.
Poppy flower
Poppy flowers full of mystery, romantic style, beautiful and sad. Full version of complex flowers brings feminine and emotional Victorian clothing.
Fluttering butterfly
Winged butterflies are printed on solid-colored clothing styles, bringing a vibrant and fashionable piece.
Iconic elements + alpine rice bag style
The bag of imported rice has played a new trick in Kenzo's hands. It draws inspiration from alpine landscape painting and Japanese culture to decorate the rice bag. The criss-crossed geometric lines and structured natural materials make people feel a sense of randomness in life.
Ethnic style-plant flowers
Josie Natori is a clothing brand founded by Philippine fashion designer and entrepreneur Josie Natori in 1977.
The ethnic floral pattern of plants and flowers is born from simple clothing styles. The designer combines the visual appeal of the East and the West and interprets it with a unique Asian perspective, exuding a unique Asian style.
Pale golden
The midsummer summer when the wind blows wheat waves,
Who doesn't want to plunge into the golden light?
Ancient golden is mature,
Unlike the tender yellow, which is fragile when it is warm and cold.
Its maturity is rich and soft,
Bright but not very eye-catching.
Choose the ancient golden color on the clothes that you often wear,
Ordinary days can shine.
It can make all ordinary items look special.
Honeydew orange
The scent of sweet fruit is the greatest joy of summer,
A colorful melon orange with joy and lightness,
Is it possible to multiply vitality by putting on it?
Whether it's the same hue or colorless,
Can show extraordinary skin-lining function.
People with yellowish skin will look healthier,
After adding lipstick and tonal makeup,
The whole person looks more energetic.
Black currant purple
On nobility, it is purple.
Maybe things are scarce and expensive,
In an age where colors are not durable and dyeing techniques need to be improved,
Purple is seen as a symbol of eternity.
Blackcurrant purple flowing on the gorgeous fabric is even more distinguished,
It was foggy, and there were unquestionable real seniors.
Mint Green
Summer tones are vibrant tones,
From fluffy yellow to green to mature green after the spring breeze.
Reflected in the city's hue is the color of the season.
The light mint green is not picky for skin tone,
The skin tone is darker or yellower.
As long as you do not allow mint green to approach the face in large areas.
And learn to use white, gray, light khaki and other transition colors,
Change the color ratio of mint green.
Clear water blue
The first holiday after the rain,
In the lazy afternoon, I looked up and saw the white cloud sky,
Let your heart be empty, your eyes clear, and your mind and body refreshed.
The world is clear blue.
The tone of the mood is relieved from the heat and dullness,
Put on a light and cool skirt,
Wait for your friends to open the rhythm of summer.
Shimizu blue is more chic when used on shirts,
The combination with white and mint green is also natural and harmonious.
In the blooming landscape,
Indifferent clear water blue is like the wind blowing naturally.
Make everything clearer.
Fit everyday fireworks a bit,
Shimizu blue is used on denim shirts, cotton skirts,
Can be paired with a summer look with implicit
In 2020, there will also be some retro elements. The era of leggings and stockings is coming. Suede styles and Bermuda shorts will also return, recreating the classic femininity of the old era.
Speaking of tailoring, the seemingly endless pursuit of 100% minimalism in the fashion industry is facing a new trend. The new fashion trend pays more attention to practicality in tailoring, and the pocket design symbolizes the spirit of being ready to go at any time.
With the smartness of the wind and water, silently complaining about the "fitting" of the costume, and also interpreting the "simple and pure" of the costume. GASEWA quietly looks forward to interpreting the costume story with you who know her, and give it with your temperature The semi-finished garment is complete.

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